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Tokyo by Kenzo

Tokyo By Kenzo
Eau De Toilette Spray

This masculine fragrance is inspiring blend of luminous spices, the explosive green notes found in tree sap and the vibrant atmosphere of Japan. It is an ideal fragrance for the men who like aromatic, woody and electric scent and it is recommended for evening wear.

Sarah Jessica Parker COVET

A Sweet Powdery Fragrance by Sarah Jessica Parker - Covet
The individual components from lavender to greens to citrus to chocolate though subtle, soften and sweeten things rapidly. It does have great staying power and it settles down to a pleasant aura that surrounds you all day.

A modern classic feminine fragrance
Precious seductive
Draws you in & will not let you go
Blend of fresh green notes, gorgeous floral & sensuous woods
Perfect for all occasions

Eau De Perfume ,Spray Luxurious Shower Gel ,Rich Body Lotion

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After five, 10 years of clockwork appointment to touch up your gray roots,you have had it.You are ready to stop coloring your hair. OR are you ? When most women think about going gray, says John Patrick , they imagine themselves like singer Emmylou Harris, with a vibrant mic of platinum,silver and graphite-colored hair.The reality,explain colorist Andrea Sher, is that hair often grows in dull or ashy."That can leave a woman in looking washed out" she says.
One solution ,says Patrick, is to introduce what he calls "dimensional color" dding lighter and sometimes darker,streaks.That way the gray won't stand out as the only light element, ans your roots will blend in."If you look at Emmylou Harris, her hairs goes from white to almost black, with levels of darkness connecting those shades" he says.
Still, it you have committed to going completely natural, you will likely want to help to go through the transition stage, or you will end up with a hugely unflattering patchwork of colors.As the gray grows in,your colorist can begin easing off on the streat.If your hair is very long,consider cutting it to speed up the process.Another alternative :Swicth to semi order demi-permanent color that washes out after a dozen or so shampoos.This helps to soften,rather than completely cover,your gray, and once the color washes out, you will be left with undead hair.Then,when you have seen what you look like completely gray,you may decide to reintroduce a touch of color.


When Cameron Diaz ,Gwyneth Patrow and Reese Witherspoon all become brunettes a few years ago,colorist across the country shuddered."Suddenly I has all these blonds who said they wanted to go dark,"recalls colorist Andrea Sher of Anagen Salon in New York's Cheksea district" said "No,you don't.What you really want is a change.If you decide you want to return to blond in a couple mounts, you are going to put your hair through major trauma" Louis Viel of the Miano Viel Salon says he conducts what amounts to a therapy session when a blond wants to go dark."Nine times out of 10, I will implore her to make the change over a few visits" he says."No matter how beautiful a woman may look as a brunette,the first time she sees herself in the mirror, she is going to cry. Everybody cries"

Tip No.1,2 and 3 for women considering a major color transformation: take it slow take it slow.You won't just avoid a hair catastrophe:you will give yourself the opportunity to try our several new look.A blond who though she wanted to go mink brown may fell reinvented with a few caramel low lights, while a brunette pining for Gwen Stefani platinum may discover she looks fabulous in Debra Messing.

If you want to go lighter , ask your stylist how many shades your hair can be lifted without causing damage,and how many visits it will take to achieve your desired shade."any change that takes you more that two or three shades lighter or darkes is going to require a lot of maintenance" warns Viel



Approach a short haircut the way you would a yoga class,Patrick suggest.Ask yourself,"What is my intent?" "Sometimes women don't really want short hair," says Patrick."What they want is the appearance of short hair.If you think that may be the case,ask your stylist to show you how to put your hair up in a chignon or back into a looped bun" Are you going short for convenience? If so, you might want to reconsider.A short cut may actually require more upkeep since you won't have the option of pulling your hair back into a ponytail.Plus, you will need more frequent trims (every four to six weeks to maintain the shape).
Once you have decided you are ready to go short,the question is how short? The "one-third rule" will lead a woman to her ideal,says Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist Billt Yamaguchi,who has built a hair empire,including a string of salons and product lines,applying the Feng Shui principles of harmony,balance and energy to the beauty world."Your hair lenght should never be more than one-third of your height" he says.
The most-request cut these days is the Victoria Beckham bob."That kind of aggressive bob will only work on someone with hair that's fine and straight," says Damien Miano of the Miano Viel Salon in midtown Manhattan.Remember, the question isn't whether your hairdresser is able to coax your hair into bending like Beckham (with the help of two assistants, a flat iron and six different styling products) but whether you will be able to for the same on your own. "Before committing to a new style," says Miano, "a woman should always ask her hairdresser what it is going to take to duplicate the salon results on her own"



We are not human Chia Pets, which means the journey from chin lenght to shoulder grazing happens gradually. Just don't kiss your stylist goodbye, choking back tears as you say sayonara "That's reckless abandonment" declares Michael Shaun Corby, global creative director for Alterna Professional Haircare. "Hair grows from the scalp, not the ends, so left on its own,short hair will morph into something resembling a mullet in the back and unwieldy features in the front." Jon Patrick agrees:"The only thing a short haircut grows into is an overgrown short haircut"
The most graceful way to grow out your hair,says Corby,is to establish "a slid line or perimeter"- a one-length bob that falls somewhere between in the jaw line and the middle of the neck.See your stylish every six weeks so she can trim and maintain that line while the layers catch up.If you are growing out bangs,keep one-fourths into a clean bob."With a little bit of product that provides weightless control,you will be able to direct the growing fringe toward the crown or the sides without it falling forward"Corby says. "It is a much cleaner and more professional look than resorting to clips and barrettes"
And stay open to surprises."When women are growing out their hair,they often come to an unexpected lenght that they just love" says Patrick "They may start out thinking they want their hair to fall past their shoulder,but at that lenght hair just hangs." A more flattering lenght may be somewhere above the shoulders and below the chin.Patrick explains:"You get a lot more lateral movement when there is some space between your hair and your body"
Image and info Viv Magazine


Layered and light auburn.Your hair has been the same style and color for two years now (or is it two decades?).No matter: You are ready for a major overhaul.
Strike up the band, pick up the scissors, grab the peroxide.OK, maybe not so fast.Hair experts, - all too familiar with women who collapse in sobs after chopping of eight beloved inches or dyeing their golden curls espresso brown- emphasize that the road to a hair makeover is best negotiated in carefully measured steps."I love when women are open to experimenting and taking risks" says Jon Patrick,a celebrity stylist who cuts and colors the hair of clients on both coast, "but I want the risks to be well calculated" So take it slow and you will leave yourself open to serendipity, like discovering on your way to platinum that your are knockout as a strawberry blonde.
We spoke with top pros on how to achieve a hair makeover that will turn heads - without leaving your own head spinning.


ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair
Protective Recovery Complex

Inside this little brown bottle is the secret to beautiful skin

Women around the world can attest to the remarkable powers of this revolutionary formula.Now,with just a few silky drops applied morning and night , you can help maintain the fresh, smooth , supple skin you want.In fact, a clinical test shows you will see an increase in moisturization.Think of it as 'insurance' for younger, healthier looking skin.Today and tomorrow.

Use it Daily, and neutralize up to 90% of environmentally-generated free radical before they can cause fine lines.

Use if Night to boost your skin's natural recovery process, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and strengthen its defense systems.

Use it with Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex to give the skin around your eyes a brighter, fresher future.


Image and info from : Viv magazine

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CLINIQUE - Lipstick

CLINIQUE Lusciously kissable
You won't be the one who notice it's fragrance free...

Let us share a little secret ,stragiht from the lips of millios of women.There is nothing like luscios side of allergy tested ,fragrance-free lip colour.

Start with Different Lipstick.Irresistibly smooth and confortable, now in more shades from cream to pearl.Each packed with seven emollients.And not a lick of fragrance.

Cliniqu have to wonder why you would wear anything else.

Clinique.Alergy Tested .100% Fragrance Free.