25 Nisan 2008 Cuma

Metallic Eye Shadow

Every women has some talent about make up but you know some small tips we can apply very attractive make-up, here is the video with tips for us.
Enjoy it.

13 Nisan 2008 Pazar

Computer Era

There is no doubt we are computer, internet children. We are now living in a world of information and technology. We cannot even live without computer. It is a communication tool for us and remember how you talk to a person who live in to the other country or how you can check your reports easily.
However the computer isn't just for the communication, It is also for education or entertainment. For example Babies can talk through a computer, how? Professor James Mc Clelland who is Psychology prof at Stanfors Uni. said that the new computer program is going to help babies learn languages. He and his team
led a training to realize of the recorded speech in both English and Japanese between mother and babies inside the laboratories. After the session, they have found out the computer was able to learn basic vowel sounds right along with baby.

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11 Nisan 2008 Cuma

Online money opportunities

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8 Nisan 2008 Salı


What is new Clinique side?

Even Better -Skin Tone corrector.
Imagine erasing past damage to create a more even skin tone.

Clinique guiding dermatologist Dr.Orentreich says, "When skin is more even-toned, you look younger." So here is your second chance. To virtually undo the visible evidence of sun damage,age spots, dark patches, even acne scarring.

Basically give a clean slate. Create brightness and clarity for all ethnicities. Turn back the odometer. Their new skin tone corrector does all that - gently.

Use it twice a day on face, chest, hands. See results in about 4 to 6 weeks. One caution: daily sunscreen's a must. It is a fresh start- nor a free ride

Remember- Clinique Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free cream for face and body. Also Clinique suggest to use City Block Sheer Oil Free Daily Face Protecoter with this product.

7 Nisan 2008 Pazartesi

Jennifer Lopez's "Deseo"

The multi-talented beauty come out with her 9th. scent in five years "Deseo," it means "Desire," in Spanish,

On the use of the Spanish term to name the perfume, Lopez explained "I have a lot of synergy happening in my life right now that is taking me back to my roots and to everything that I'm about and how I was raised. This is what I really find my heart is into. It's the first time I have decided to use a Spanish word for one of our fragrances. We really look at where I am at in my life and what is important to me at that time. But the one thing that we have always concentrated on from the beginning is to be as truthful as we can."

The fragrance notes include yuzu, freesia, watery bamboo leaves, bergamot, star jasmine, sandalwood, pink geranium flower, mimosa, warm amber, oak moss, musk, cedar, orange blossom, patchouli and mineral accord.

Congratulation Jennifer Lopez ...

4 Nisan 2008 Cuma

Britney Spears - Believe

It is enough to read lots of reviews about Britney. There are uncountable gossip columns about her. Lets talk about her latest perfume 'Britney Spears- Believe'
Everybody know that like her earlier scents,Curious and Fantasy, Elizabeth Arden group have designed her last perfume. The fragrance, a blend of lime-tree blossom, ambry patchouli andexotic fruits. Based on the freedom and the ideas of self-confidence expectations for Believe are running high.

Did you realize how beautiful she is on the poster? In fact, Britney looks so suspiciously good that fragrance firm Elizabeth Arden have been forced to issue a statement refuting claims they used a body double.
Good Luck Britney for your new scent

1 Nisan 2008 Salı

My shop

As a online shopping addict, I always wonder how the e-commerce websites work. How many staffs are working behind it? If you have that kind of question like me Ashop commerce ecommerce software is for you.Why?

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* Custom page creator
* Unlimited main/sub categories
* Integrated store search
* Large image views and auto thumbnail re size
* Supports all external web animation and graphic programmes

All these features are ready work for the stores. Still have doubt? They offer you 10 day free trial account to see if it suits us.