26 Eylül 2008 Cuma

Acne Treatment

It is enough to talk about anti ageing products, well as a middle age woman I am more interested in these products but what about the acne treatment! I don’t say that we –middle age women- don’t have acne on our faces but it generally has a problem for teenagers. I also don’t want to remember these days, how did I use soap or alcohols to disappear them?, but the teenager of today are luckier that us because The new product on the US market is acnexus. They've actually been around in Europe for years, Acnexus is a 1-Step All Natural scrub, actually it is not really a scrub, it feels like microdermabrasion (what is microdermabrasion? )

Also it doesn’t include mineral oils, soaps, sarabens and alcohols… it is made up of all-natural ingredients and unique, acne fighting blend of 27 all natural ingredients. Some of them are Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Jojoba Oil (oh I like jojoba), Avocado Oil, Jasmine essential oil … etc.
Anyway to see all list and the order it . Click here


22 Eylül 2008 Pazartesi

Make Your Own Homemade Face Mask

I was checking to "My documents" file and I found some receipes to make mask at home, so I have collected them and here are they :
All Skin Type:
Natural skin brightener: Mix a tablespoon of turmeric powder in 1 cup of plain yogurt. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off.
Clay Mask for All Skin Types : Mix green(1½ tsp) and kaolin clays (1½ tsp) together. Add in the aloe vera gel (1½ tbsp), rosewater (1 tbsp) and 2 drops rose essential oils. Refrigerate mixture for up to four weeks.
Yogurt Face Mask: 1 tbsp natural yogurt, room temperature (not lowfat or non-fat)and 1 tsp runny honey (microwave for a few minutes to soften hardened honey) Combine mixture, then apply to face. Leave on for 15 minutes Wash face with steaming washcloth. For dry skin, use an extra tsp of honey. For oily skin, Add a few drops of fresh lime juice.
Dry Skin: Milk Mask: 1 tsp powdered milk- 1 tbsp runny honey- 1 tsp aloe vera gel-2 drops essential oil. Mix ingredients well, apply to face, let sit for 15 minutes, wash off with warm water

For Ashy Skin: Stir sugar (2 tbsp) into warm water (3 tbsp warm) so that it melts. Make sure granules are dissolved, otherwise they could tear your skin.Apply to the face. Gently massage around the skin. Rinse with warm water

Oily Skin Banana Mask: Mix the banana (1 banana, preferably ripe) and honey (1 tbsp)together. Add a few drops of juice from an orange or a lemon.
Apply to face for 15 minutes before rinsing with a cool washcloth

Sensitive or Sunburnt Skin: Mix 1 cup natural yogurt and ½ cup oatmeal. Apply to the skin for 10-15 minutes.

Combination Skin: Rose Face Mask: Soak rose petals,(6 fresh rose) then crush them in a bowl. Add the rosewater (2 tbsps), yogurt (1 tbsp) and honey (1 tbsp runny). Mix well and apply to the skin. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse.


19 Eylül 2008 Cuma

20 Celebrities & Their Cars

Celebrities don’t always get chauffeured actually many of them have them and drive their own cars. Do you think that the cars fit for them? What are the cars of celebrities ? You will be surprised! Check out this list of celebrities and their cars

1. Jennifer Lopez drives an Aston Martin DB7 & Lotus Elise
2. Pierce Brosnan – Owns an Aston Martin Vanquish.
3. Charlize Theron: LandRover
4. Janet Jackson – Drives an Aston Martin Vanquish.
5. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie drive a BMW Hydrogen 7.
6. Julia Roberts – Drives a Toyota Prius.
7. Kevin Costner drives an Audi Q7 and Audi S8.
8. Matthew McConaughey drives a Lincoln MK
9. Amy Winehouse drives a BMW 7 Series.
10. John Mayer drives Land Rover
11. Paris Hilton – Owns a Mercedes Benz SLR
12. Justin Timberlake – Drives a white Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.
13. David Beckham – Drives a Cadillac Escalade.
14. Madonna – Drives a Maybach 57.
15. Tom Cruise – Drives a Porsche 911.
16. George Clooney – Drive the two seater electric Tango 600.
17. Britney Spears – Drives a Mercedes SLR McLaren and a CLK.
18. Kate Moss – Drives around London in her vintage MG.
19. Leonardo DiCaprio – Owns a Toyota Prius.
20. Mary Kate Olsen drives a Porsche Cayenne.

Do you know how much these cars? Here is the price list!
See you….

18 Eylül 2008 Perşembe

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

Which celebs are influencing America's hair color?

Jessica Biel: Dallas, TX Belle Caramel (it is my favorite by the way so unique so rich looking) Stylists recommend that It is better to use Clairol Natural Instincts Non-Permanent Color in 18 Pecan Medium Golden Brown

Gwyneth Paltrow: CORAL GABLES, FL Sunny Honey (oh my God! as you see at the picture it is wonderful, how many yellow colour on her hair!!!) and stylists recommend that to make this hair, we need to use Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Nourishing Color Creme in 93 Honey Butter Light Golden Blonde

Anne Hathaway: Santa Monica, CA Mahogany Shine (Santa Monica ! :)) they are don't just create the new colour or looking for our hair they are genius! can you give me some Santa Monica please, with leman please.. it is like a cocktail, where am I? in the Sex and the City? ) Sonya from Dove studious recommends L'Oréal Natural Match Color Crème Gloss in 4N Dark Brown

Sienna Miller: Portland, OR Flaxen Vixen :
Justin Hickox recommends: L'Oréal Superior Preference Permanent Conditioning Colorant in 8 Natural Medium Blonde

Amy Adams: PHOENIX, AZ Enchanted Red (ooo perfect!)
Stylists recommend that Revlon ColorSilk Permanent Haircolor in 72 Strawberry Blonde

Select one! ladies, I am sure that one of these hair style and colour is for you!

16 Eylül 2008 Salı

Happy Birthday Calvin Klein

As I read the Vogue Magazine Calvin Klein is celebrating his 40th year in fashion.

The A-list happily walked the red carpet in celebration of Calvin Klein’s 40th anniversary in fashion during New York Fashion Week. Watch as Naomi Watts, Cynthia Nixon and original Eighties cK girl Brooke Shields pledge their love for a timeless brand - and congratulate the man himself on 40 years at the top.



New Laptop for me!

As cosmetics addict and a working from home person two things are important in my life.
1.- new perfumes or skin care products
2.- the success of my laptop! (be careful! It is not suitable for us to use computers, it must be always laptops. Cool! :) )

The first article is easy if the second one occurs. I mean if my laptop is living with a happy life then I have no problem to visit the websites or shopping site without any problem. Don’t laugh at me! I am not using it just for my benefit, also it is been using for my boss benefit  I work 9 hours for a company, don’ look that I am talking about beauty staff all time, haha I am a in a Tech Support team for a company and believe me it is not possible to talk about beauty staff or perfumes or Givency or Prada . They don’t understand the brands of cosmetics- peh- just the brands of the computers or laptops. Actually it is good to have friends the tech geeks because I wanted to divorce with my old computer last year and asked them their opinion, %80 of them has told me “Absolutely Toshiba” Great! Now I have a Toshiba Satellite, however I need to change it again but I don’t want to make the same mistakes before I have done, I mean last time I haven’t check the price of them, just ordered. Although I am a “search” geek person ;) once I find a new product for eye care I search every web site, every forum.

Anyway I suggest you to compare the prices of laptops, don’t do the same mistakes as I did. Next month I am going to order a new Asus (my geek –lovely- friends strongly suggest it) from Save Buckets with very suitable price(!)
Enough chit chat about the lap-tops lets talk about the moisturisers-top


12 Eylül 2008 Cuma

Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein

Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein

‘Between love and madness lies… obsession’: that was the starting point for Secret Obsession. Everybody know that, 20 years ago, the Obsession ad made a huge stir. Secret Obsession’s is also attracting a lot of attention. It features the actress Eva Mendes in a provocatively sensual, it is more floral than the original Obsession, Secret Obsession has conserved the original’s oriental character and the promise of an aphrodisiac love-potion.

Secret Obsession is described as ‘an intoxicating floral-oriental fragrance weaving together forbidden fruits, exotic flowers and a sultry wood signature’. Designed by: Calice Becker, Givaudan

* top notes: Exotic Plum, Mace, Rose de Damas
* heart note : Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Spicy Orchid, Ylang-Ylang, Tuberose
* base note : Cashmere Wood, Burnt Amber, Vanilla, Iris, Sandalwood

4 Eylül 2008 Perşembe


The new mascara from Givency!

Every winter time we are expecting new products for fall and the brand has released a new mascara called Phenomen’Eyes mascara in August, 2008. Phenomen’Eyes mascara has a special feature which has a spherical brush to reach all every single lash from all sides ,The spherical brush of the new Phenomen’Eyes mascara can be moved vertically, horizontally and diagonally for a really precise but simple application to create a ‘panoramic’ lash effect and it will be available in black and brown.

Well after all these information it is definitely interesting to try out it. Personally, I am more interested to check out Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara.
Let's see what Givenchy offered us!

2 Eylül 2008 Salı

I am like a Top Model!

Let’s talk about some other product instead of the Perfumes or Fashion, Do you think that you are the perfect body size?? Do you wear anything that you like? And are you enough jealous about the body size?
It is time to talk about Diets! I don’t know how you can loose weight but I suggest you to try “Diet Pills” why? Because while searching on the net a suitable diet pill for my mother, I found “Phentermine” it is a drug actually and first received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1959. Phentermine is used, in combination with exercise and diet, to help you lose weight. It works by decreasing your appetite.

Today's Top 10 Diet Pills:
1 Orovo
2. Nuphedragen
3. Noxycut
4. 7-DFBX
5. Curvatrim
6. LipoCut Hardcore
7. AmbiSlim PM
8. TrimSpa X32
9. 72Hr Slimming Pill
10. LipoSeduction

Anyway to Buy Phentermine simply click the link and you will find more information about it. It is not enough to smell good or have a wonderful skin.. our body must be like a model
Easy! :)


Ma Dame is the latest fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier. Ma Dame, the latest in the line of Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes and fragrances, will be released nation wide, following in the footsteps of Classique, Le Male and Fleur Du Male
The perfume MA DAME was imagined and created as a fresh, floral one, and all merits for it go to perfumer Francis Kurkdjian (Takasago), who also created the famous Le Male and Fragile, just to remind you.
MA DAME includes sporty notes of rose, grenadine, musk and cedar. The bottle was designed as a transparent block of glass, coloured in pink, with an engraved sculpture of the legendary Classique. The outer package is white, with pink and black print. It is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml edt, with an accompanying perfumed body care collection.

Xmas present - Digital Frames?

Hi All,

Xmas time is coming and I have started to think about the presents that I should buy for my family and husband and of course my friends :). Husband side is easy :) I decided to buy a PRADA Fragrance for him and a EYE SERUM and Face SERUM for my mother but I can't give any anti-aging cream for my mother in law :) So I am looking something for her home, for decoration. Then my husband gave me an idea about the frames, because she loves to collect pictures. In that time I can't give her the wooden frame so I found something digital and they have really nice features especially I like changeable digital picture frames . Anyway I think it can be a good Xmas present. Let me investigate further, Tell me what are you going to give as a Christmas Present to you family?

digital picture frame